Corporate Social Responsibility

Avenoir has embedded corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything we do. One of the reasons Avenoir was established is due to the lack of ethics and CSR within the recruitment market. For us, CSR is an umbrella term covering a vast array of areas including: Our behaviour as an employer, the suppliers we choose, our diversity record, our relationships with our stakeholders and the values that guide our company on a daily basis. We have defined our CSR into four key areas.


Ensure that we play a proactive role in helping the communities in which we operate within, inspiring trust and always ensuring we make a positive difference. We work with our stakeholders to understand community needs and identify how we can help. Our commitment to communities include

  • Supporting local charities of all types
  • Forming links with local schools, colleges and universities to help give people in the community the opportunity to have a successful recruitment career at Avenoir
  • Allowing employees to have several days to volunteer and support the non-profit organisations of their choice

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Ensuring we act responsibly and do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We implement many programmes and initiatives that aim to achieve our goals.

  • Responsible purchasing - We ensure that all our purchases where possible are sourced by local suppliers who themselves have environmental policies in place. Avenoir understands that the key to environmental success in this challenging current climate is simply ensuring that each and every one of us play our part.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption – We use a number of products when it comes to reducing our energy consumption which include low energy lighting, movement sensor controlled lights and computer monitors which go to power saving mode after fifteen minutes of non-use.
  • Waste Management – We limit the amount of documents we print and instead try to ensure everything is online via email for example ultimately lowering our impact on the environment. All our office paper, glass and cardboard is also recycled.

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Our responsibility to our candidates, clients, partners and suppliers as a leading recruitment agency.

  • Avenoir treats all employees with dignity and respect providing opportunities for all employees irrespective of race, religion, gender or age
  • We are committed to the personal safety of all staff
  • Our purchasing department ensure all our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly this includes anything from the eco-friendly printer we use to sourcing supplies locally
  • We are committed to honesty and transparency in our communication with our clients and candidates. We have a number of policies in place for example our CV’s policy forbids any CV’s getting sent to any clients without the candidate’s written or verbal permission
  • We will not purchase any products from any organisations who violate any human rights laws

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Our commitment to employees and ensuring our ethical culture and values is maintained. We understand our most valuable resource is our employees. Our employment policies exceed the standard required as we aim to create an unparalleled working environment. The key employment policies within our organisation include:

  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Diversity and quality opportunities
  • Training and Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Flexible working hours

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