Our Process



Our Unique 4 Step Methodology


Our first step is to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your organisation. We recognise each and every client has their own unique story and as a partner we want to hear and understand yours. We review your vacancy requirements, your culture, your future business strategy, which ultimately gives us a clear understand of what kind of candidates would be best suited to your business in the long-term. 



Our next stage is to use our unique complex online system which we have created to attract the exact candidates you require. Once the client comprehension information is submitted onto our system, we are then given potential candidates whom we call and present the opportunity to. Unlike the majority of recruiters whom use the common job boards and fight over the same candidates, our system covers a wide range of social media, our current database (over 100,000 financial services candidates) and many other platforms providing us with results other recruitment agency’s simply cannot produce. We ensure our candidates are matched to their ideal company through analysing their career goals and experience.


During this stage we forward the shortlist of prospective candidates to the client. We advise clients on the most suitable methodologies to use during the recruitment process. As we are experts in the field our role is to consult and provide you with the most up to date market leading strategy’s available in recruitment. We can also carry out the work of psychometric tests and interviews if required. 


Because of our unique methodology, the calibre and suitability of the candidates we attract and match to client’s increases employee retention. We also offer ongoing training & development to both clients and candidates as our ultimate goal is to ensure each placement is successful.