The Avenoir Story

Avenoir is defined as the desire to see memories in advance. We at Avenoir believe we can grant this desire when it comes to your career & business. Through our experience and sheer determination we have become experts in all areas of Financial Services. Working in partnership with some of the UK’s most reputable brands within our market and having created an unparalleled network of candidates (over 100,000+ currently on our books).

Our name is embedded in all areas of our work and our ultimate goal is to help you create the future you want by sharing our expertise with you. For candidates this is helping choose the right career with the right organisation at the right time and for clients this is providing the right candidate for the right role at the right time.

After years of working for a wealth management recruitment agency our director Asif decided it was time to set up his own specialist agency tackling the key issues he faced personally and the constant feedback which he received from both clients and candidates. These three issues which we have resolved are ongoing problems within the recruitment market and yet another reason why you should choose Avenoir.

Tackling the issue of KPIs in recruitment

Our Director Asif whilst working for a specialist Wealth Management Headhunting firm in Leeds realized the issue of KPI’s. The firm emphasized the importance of for example 50 outgoing calls per day, failing to understand the way the markets had changed and the effectiveness of LinkedIn, emails and texts. As such Asif faced making countless calls every day to reach those targets before actually doing the work that would yield effective results and successful placements. We have therefore come up with a system in which we ultimately emphasis results over KPI’s.

Tacking the issue of Ethics in recruitment

Tacking the issue of Ethics in recruitment – Another major issue in the recruitment market today is ethics. Recruitment consultants fighting over who sent the CV’S to the client first, CV’S on Reed being mailshotted to every client in the area without the candidate’s knowledge causing chaos and confusion. Avenoir has created a system in which we resolve these issues and ethics is embedded into each and every consultant at Avenoir.

Tackling the issue of lack of training/development in recruitment

The third issue which we resolve is the lack of training and development in recruitment. Unfortunately the market is saturated with so called “specialists” who have no real understanding of their market and have a simple philosophy of throw as many CV’S as you can to the client and hope one sticks. We have experienced this approach whilst working for other recruitment agencies and have established Avenoir to resolve this issue. At Avenoir we invest heavily in the training and development of our employees, ensuring that our programs help not only develop the recruitment skills and knowledge but most importantly the market expertise as this is what differentiates us from the competition.