Why Choose Avenoir

At Avenoir we have a number of unique selling points which we believe is the reason so many clients decide to use our services.

Why choose Avenoir over every other recruitment company?

Our Consultants

One of the founding reasons as to why Avenoir was established was to tackle the issue of training & development within recruitment agencies. At Avenoir we invest heavily in the training and development of our employees, ensuring that our programs help not only develop the recruitment skills and knowledge but most importantly the market expertise as this is what differentiates us from the competition. 

Our Process

Our unique 4 step methodology provides an executive level consulting experience and yields significantly enhanced results. Click here to view our 4 step methodology

Our Practice

From first-hand experience we understand what many recruitment companies do, simple mailshotting, job board and advertising methods. Our service is far superior by using our unique online system, professional networking, meticulous pro-active work ethic and current candidate database (100,000+ on our books).

Our Resource Teams

We invest heavily to ensure our consultants can rely on the help of resource teams to assist them when trying to meet client needs. 

Results driven KPI’s

We understand that the majority of recruitment agencies target their consultants on KPI’s based around activity. At Avenoir we have resolved this issue and focus on results and exceeding client expectations


We have embedded our ethics and values into the heart of everything we do. Working with Avenoir ensures you have an ethical partner. Please click to view our CSR and values.